They —– the same mistake four times this month Ans:      have made ‘ Judicious ‘ means Ans: wise The feminine gender of “Negro” is : Ans: Negress A lot of vacancies ———- reported Ans : are Not only John but also Tom ——– eating Ans: isRead More →

If he resigned it would be tantamount——– admitting that he was guilty Ans:      to Many Hindus study Sanskrit, but only ——Muslims study it Ans:  a few I cannot——– what he is saying Ans: make out —— the Panchayath President nor the members attended the meeting Ans : neither This car——–Read More →

He has a deep distrust ——- his neighbours Ans:      of I ——- my old couch and need to buy a new one Ans: got rid off Change into indirect speech. He said , “I wish to learn English”. Ans: He said that he wished to learn English. I need theRead More →

1.Neither of them—— invited to the party Ans:      was 2.The idiom `hot under the color` means : Ans: angry 3.You  gained an advantage——- me Ans: over 4.If he went there —— Ans : he would meet her 5.As he got older his belief in these principles did not —– Ans:Read More →